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During the course of building their new home, the client is not satisfied with the original architectural layout. It includes 2 separate vanities across the room from each other, 2 separate water closets, an obtrusive peninsula tub deck in the middle of the room, and a small shower out of scale with the rest of this 260 square foot master bath.

The builder charges exorbitant fees to go outside their original plan. The best course of action is to build the bathroom as cheap as possible, with some modifications, and consider it a remodel after the client moves in.

The client has specified the following elements:
• Victoria & Albert AML-N-SW Amalfi Tub
• VB-AML-55 Amalfi Vessel Sink LED5015-BSS
• 20" LED Alfi Rainshower Head
• Modular Arts Interlocking Panels Bloom Pattern
• The color purple

The builder will allow us to plan for the arced wall, remove one water closet, and plumb the new double vanity wall. Also move electrical to key locations. They will finish the bathroom for the Certificate of Occupancy with as inexpensive products as possible. Then after the client takes possession of the house, the bathroom can be treated as a remodel.

The arced shower wall incorporates the planned footprint of the shower and tray ceiling. Directly opposite is the Amalfi Tub against the backdrop of the Modular Arts Bloom Panels. The custom double vanity in the distance creates a visually striking triangle between these three elements.

The choice of the Oceanside Blu iridescent glass mosaic and the Sherwin Williams Quest Gray paint are motivated by the clients spirituality and love for the color purple. The room is contemporary and linear but softened by the sensuous floral curves of the Modular Arts and arced shower wall. The curve motif is repeated in the lines of the sinks.

The Formica Smoky Brown Pear Laminate is cool and soft against the purple walls. The glass mosaic is used in the valance of the double medicine cabinet to integrate the cabinetry with the rest of the room.

The elliptical bench intersecting the arced shower wall is almost an optical illusion. The viewing window mounted directly over the seam in the Viatera Sienna Sand Quartzite slab cleverly concealing its construction.

The new layout, instead of isolating its users, creates a sense of togetherness and family.

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