Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
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It's always exciting when we have new projects to show off. This is a second story bungalow bath remodel. Transformational. From a "let's make it work for now" look- to something wonderful. Add this image to your ideabook at Houzz.

All the cabinetry is designed by Xstyles bath. The room includes shelving, vanity with drawers, and a two person medicine cabinet. Countertop manufactured by Compazo. A new engineered concrete. Beautiful stuff.
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we've done it again

Another winning project gets published. Issue Summer 2014. Thanks to Khristi Zimmeth whose writing captures the essence of this striking bathroom.

She calls it "fresh start" but we call it Grey Scale. See big, bouncy hi-res images at

using compazo

(a new engineered concrete) Within the past three years, it has become one of our favorite solid surface materials for bathrooms. You just buy a slab… No. They mold slabs to your specifications. They mold it. Notice in the picture how the rim around the under mount sink is thinner than the profile edge. All this detail can be specified.

They've used several of our photos to promote their new product. The best photos, of course, taken by Beth Singer.

With such a wide range of color options you can't go wrong.